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In Ballet as well as our other styles of dance the students will learn how to turn, jump, and leap properly.  This class will focus on the terminology and discipline of classical ballet technique. All of our Ballet classes will include barre exercises which helps the student to improve alignment, balance, and posture. We will also have Center work which will consist of adagio, petite allegro, grande allegro, and across the floor. Ballet is a required class for all competition and company students, as it is the foundation for developing proper and strong technique which is beneficial in every style of dance.


Jazz consists of a broad range of different styles and elements as well as tempo and dynamics. This genre also includes lots of showmanship, attitude, and personality. Many of the technical elements of ballet carry over into this style with slight variances that "jazz" it up. Leaps, turns, jumps, strength and great flexibility all contribute to the foundation of a great jazz dancer. The class structure will incorporate all of the above elements as well as combinations moving across the floor and a variety of choreography.


Tap dance is a style that focuses on the feet as the primary source of rhythm and musicality. It increases the dancers' coordination as well as develop a better understanding of the way the body and music go hand in hand. You are literally an instrument.

Mommy and Me

Our mommy and me class will explore dance, movement, and music freely. It is a fun way to build the young dancer's confidence and break them out of their shell with the comfort of mommy right beside them. It is also a great way to bond with your child and get the body moving in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. This is a great class to go alongside the 6 and under Combo class, or a perfect way to introduce dance to the child who is interested in trying the Combo class soon.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a high energy dance style that greatly improves coordination and musicality. Their are several different styles under this genre, with it's history and influences deriving from multiple locations. In this class we will focus on showmanship, attitude, performance skills, and choreography.


Lyrical/contemporary are both styles that blend together and borrow elements from other styles of dance. Typically a blend of Ballet, Jazz, and Modern. The rules in the scope of what is allowed in this genre go out the window. It is expressive and emotional, while technique definitely is an intricate part of the style the dancer and choreographer have more creative license to decide how much or little structure is involved. During this class we will focus on blossoming the dance from within, while applying and pulling together all the other elements learned in other classes.

Creative Movement

Creative movement is a class that will freely explore dance, music, and the body. We will jump, turn, run, skip, and much more. This class is perfect for the beginner dancer who is looking for a way to get more comfortable in their own style and movement, or great for the dancer who just simply wants to dance. This class is not technique heavy, but rather focuses on what it means to dance, to express yourself without words, and build the inner artist.

Strength and Conditioning

In this class we will focus on building the students into being stronger and more agile dancers. Each dance style requires great athleticism in order to execute the curriculum being taught. This class will focus on strength, flexibility, and stamina. It will consist of various stretches, exercise drills, and running. Perfect class for the dancer looking to take their talent to the next level or the student looking to get in a good workout. This class will be mandatory for all company and competition dancers.

Combination Jazz/Tap/Ballet

The combination class is only offered to those dancers who are between the ages of 2 1/2 - 6 yrs old. It is a fun beginner class tailored specifically for this age groups unique attention span and dance ability. It gives them an opportunity to experience 3 different styles of dance before deciding which ones are the perfect fit. It will introduce and expose them to the basic technique and terminology in each genre, giving them a head start and advantage should they decide to continue their pursuit of dance.


Boys Hip-hop


The all boys hip-hop class is a fusion of Hip-hop and breakdancing. 


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