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What we Believe...


At LPA we groom our students to be strong versatile dancers that know how to convey emotion and passion in their dance. We strive to instil a great sense of self awareness and confidence as they learn to capture and own the audiences' attention every time they touch the stage. At LPA we believe that the dancer having an understanding and appreciation for the art is equally as important as knowing where to place an arm and how to point their toes. We nurture the inner artist and love that exists for dance in our students as they grow into beautiful dancers and performers. They will learn to create pictures, tell stories, and evoke emotions with the brush strokes of grand jetes, Demi Plies, or even the slightest reach through a finger tip. Our students learn and embody what it truly means to DANCE!


"Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion" -Martha Graham

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