Najjawa Haughton - I began dancing at age 3 concentrating on jazz, tap and ballet.  By 7 I danced at the Dance Institute of Washington until I was 9, focusing on ballet and jazz. I was later accepted to a performing arts program at Hyattsville Middle School for dance where I learned the importance of competing and performing. After completing that experience I was accepted to Duke Ellington School of the Performing Arts where I gained a better appreciation for dance,  I saw growth in my skills and became more inclined with Modern, Ballet and African. I was taught by Sandra Fourtin Green, Cathy Smith and was fortunate enough to take classes with many other great dance legends.  Once I graduated with a concentration and degree in dance I relocated to Atlanta and began teaching with after school programs such as AOC and Generation infocus. I enjoy enhancing the youth that takes interest in dance,  knowing that it requires great discipline and strength i find myself compelled to enhance these qualities with my experience. 

Atarius Armstrong - began dancing at the University of Mississippi where he received his BFA in Musical Theatre Performance in 2015. Upon the start of his college career he quickly fell in love with dance and composition. Soon after, Atarius began dancing and choreographing for Mississippi: The Dance Company and Ole Miss Student Dance (and served as their Artistic Director for two years). Atarius currently dances as a company member for Fuerta Dance Company, a modern ballet company in Atlanta, GA.

He's been privileged to train under the American Collegiate Dance Association, Pilobolus Dance Theatre, David Dorfman Dance, Rioult, and Thodos Chicago. Atarius now teaches, performs, and choreographs for theatres and dance companies in Mississippi and Georgia.

Christina Jones - Was born in Virginia, and raised in Alabama. At the age of eleven, Christina took a serious interest to gymnastics.  Christina's parents enrolled her in gymnastics at the YMCA in Hinesville, Georgia.  During her tryout, the coach said she had great strength, but because of her age and getting such a late start she wouldn't make it past level 5.  Her family soon relocated to Dothan, Alabama where Christina became apart of the Southern Stars Gymnastics Academy competitive team.  At the age of twelve, Christina began as a level 5 competitive gymnast and at the age of 18 she retired as a level 9 competitive gymnast.  Her best events were Vault and Floor.

Since the age of fifteen Christina has been teaching tumbling lessons in private and group/team settings. While attending Dothan High School and partaking in competitive gymnastics training, Christina also taught acrobatics/tumbling at Dothan School of Dance for two years and gymnastics at Southern Stars Gymnastics Academy for three years. 


With an extensive background in sports, from swimming, gymnastics, ballet/tap, soccer, to track and field, and even cheerleading, Christina knows exactly what it takes to not only teach technique and skill, but also how to instill leadership qualities into her students all while using positive reinforcement.  Christina has a 4 year old who also dances at Lotus Performing Arts!


Christina's passion for wellness and health, love for children and dance, coupled with her knowledge of sports is the perfect formula for the healthy, creative, performing foundation every child needs!

Denise Sarkor - Born in Monrovia, Liberia and raised in northern New Jersey, Denise Sarkor relocated to Georgia several years ago and has made it her home. She started dancing at an early age, exploring tap, ballet and jazz at the start, but eventually reconnected with her West African roots. Over the years—whether in college, graduate school or working abroad—Denise always found a way to dance. As a troupe member from 2003 to 2007—and eventually, as Director in her senior year—of the University of Pennsylvania’s African Drum and Dance Troupe (African Rhythms), Denise was instructed in African movement from West Africa, Cuba and the Caribbean by several prominent instructors, including the amazing Dorothy Wilkie of Kulu Mele, drum instructor Paul Abba Lucas, Mecca Madyun and Cachet Ivey. She also gained experience in creating, teaching and performing her own choreography for the troupe’s outside performances, notably a 76ers Half-Time show. While at University she also served as African Dance Instructor with the Ase Saturday Academy and for more than a year overseas, Denise taught West African Dance at the Holistic Music School in Cascade, Trinidad to approximately 40 students (ages 5-10). Her love of African movement also led her to train in Afro-Brazilian martial arts and Samba from 2010-2011 with Senzala Capoeira and in October 2010, she enjoyed two weeks of training in Brazil under Capoeira Mestre Pele in Salvador, Bahia